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Mobius Internet, I.T. and Communications’ Voice Hosted PBX delivers more functionality than a traditional phone system without the costs of managing and maintaining a PBX. Our Hosted VoIP solution is a hosted PBX phone system that allows businesses to streamline how they communicate.






Because we have full control over our network, Mobius Internet, I.T. and Communications is able to prioritize voice from end to end. That means that, unlike other providers, we can provide true Quality of Service (QoS). Plus, our best-in-class Cisco equipment ensures crystal-clear call quality.


Save up to 40% on your business phone bill by choosing one of our voice options for your business.


Mobius Internet, IT & Communications offers the highest quality voice options. From state of the art VoIP systems to traditional telephone service, Mobius Internet, IT & Communications’ can deliver the right service with the right features at significant cost savings for your business. All packages are customized to fit your business needs. Plus, you can bundle Mobius Internet, IT & Communications’ high speed Internet service with your phone service and save even more!

Mobius Internet, IT & Communications’ bundles are designed to deliver the most feature-rich, well-supported voice and internet services. Simply great technology at a great price.


Mobius Internet, IT & Communications is the solution for your telecommunications needs and budgetary constraints.


Hosted PBX is our complete solution for customers seeking low-cost phone service and a new phone system or upgrade – without the large capital outlay. Plus, your business will benefit from a huge range of features only available with Hosted PBX service.

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Flexible features save time and improve communication with customers and colleagues. Easy-to-use features include:


Web portal management

Auto Attendant

Voice Mail to email / phone / pda

Fax to desktop

Caller ID

Direct Inward Dialing

Call Forwarding

Call groups

Simultaneous ring

Unlimited Inbound/outbound lines – no busy signals


Speed Dialing

Distinctive ring tones

Call screening

Find Me, Follow Me

Do not disturb Call logs

Call recording

Many more


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